Safeway Monday Twitter Deal for March 23rd 2015!

23 Mar

There have been some really great Safeway Monday deals lately – huge money savers! Most of them are perfect to pick up and throw in the freezer! Easy on a busy night instead of takeout. If you haven’t gone in for one yet it’s very easy to do. Pick up the items as shown in the picture. At checkout you can either show them the picture on your phone – if no phone print it out. You can also punch in the plu# at self checkout.

classico  For $4 you get pasta, sauce and either milk or water.

If you’re heading in to pick up other groceries too, remember there are email direct coupons, including spend $30 and get a free 4L jug of milk.

Remember this deal is 1 per person, and is for today only!

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