Safeway friday only deals!

25 Jul

Great deals at Safeway for this friday – glad I got my flyers early!

McCain pizzas – 3 for $10 and limit of three

butchers cut burgers for $5 – limit 4

Herbal Essences are 4 for $5 – think there are still some 50 or 75 cent off coupons for these – limit 4

Johnsonville sausages 2 for $5

Signature Cafe Family size caesar salad is $5

4 lb of bluberries for $10 limit of 2

bakery counter 50 pack of cookies for $5

Remember, these deals are friday only at Safeway!

2 Replies to “Safeway friday only deals!

  1. Last time bought blueberries at Safeway they were excellent sweet, large. I also recently bought from Superstore and the berries were not as good as safeway, picked too early perhaps? Wonder how they will be tomorrow at safeway. Thanks for the reminder about the good deals out there.

    • No problem! I’m loving these friday deals, you know there will be something great every week! 🙂 The produce has been really good lately, grapes last week were great, ontario peaches are yummy! I’m excited for the blueberries too, seeing a lot of smoothies and pancakes in our future

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