Safeway email direct and Shopper’s 20x

30 Dec

Here are this week’s email direct coupons – a few 50% off and a few bonus airmiles.

Shopper’s Drugmart is having 20x on Saturday – good time to start rebuilding the points! 🙂 Lots of saturday only specials, pop and chips are on sale if you’re having a new years party! Maxwell House coffee is on for 5.79, peanut butter is 2.79 – and the coveted battery chargers are on for 7.99$ – not sure if those 5$ off’s are still good, need to clean out my coupon binder.

As for the week long sales, nature valley granola bars are 1.99 (look for boxes with free oasis juice coupons), fibre plus is 2.99 and there’s 1.50 off coupons for that and the boxes have coupons on them. Lots of food sales too. Good time to check the holiday clearance too at 20x. And your regular store clearance, I found a bunch of Medela stuff on clearance at ours, packs of bottles that were reg. 20$ something were 4$, accessory packs for 49 cents. Always good to figure out where your store puts their clearance, since it’s all in different locations.

As for the Shopper’s points, if anyone is new to it, or has any questions post them up! 🙂

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