PC Points and Optimum are joining together – NOT ENDING! :)

by Nadine on November 8, 2017

When 2 people get married, it’s not the end of those people is it? ….

So when the PC Points program and the Optimum points programming  join together – maybe they’ll make a new greater rewards program together! 🙂

Rumours have been flying about them ending, but so far from what I see this pairing is a great match! We’ve known this was coming for a few years, so not really much of a surprise even.

You can check out your points right now for either program on their new points calculator – it’ll tell you what your points are worth in the new one.

And you can redeem in increments of 10k points now – so half the amount as before! You can earn almost 15 points on every dollar you spend at Shoppers too! And instead of having a lower spending limit, you can now redeem up to $500 in one purchase!

You will have to get a new card, but they will have them in the stores to assist people with the swap.

So, take a look at their website and let me know what you think – is this a match made in heaven or you think this one won’t last?



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