Packages Being Left on Doorsteps… Be aware if you’ve been shopping online or expecting gifts in the mail!

29 Nov

I’ve been getting a lot of packages delivered lately (thanks Amazon Prime and Black Friday Shopping!) and I’m noticing a horrible trend.

Once in a while delivery people will ring the bell, leave the package and run. Fine, guess they are busy. But this week almost every single one has left the package in between my front doors…and many just far down on my steps. No knock, no ringing the bell.

I had an Instant Pot package left on my doorstep – there was a cardboard box over it….which also said Instant Pot. And it took 12 hours for me to get the notification on my phone that it was delivered.

I got a box delivered from PetSmart – 4 huge bags of hay. The box was so large I couldn’t bring it in the house myself – yet this was just left on my steps, no knock or ring. I’m assuming anyone driving or walking by seeing a giant box like that would assume they hit the jackpot. I think they’d be pretty disappointed when they got home! 😉

At least with Amazon Prime you’ll be notified on your phone that there’s been a delivery…..usually. It’s not a guarantee.

And this is not just one company – the last few weeks I’ve had several deliveries from all the major players, many multiple times – Canada Post, Dynamex, FedEx and UPS – and only twice did they ever ring and wait for me at the door. (Canada Post and UPS by the way). I waited to shop on Black Friday for tons of our regular staples – and ordered gifts etc so I had quite a sampling here.

So, keep an eye out for those deliveries – if you’re not home maybe ask a neighbour to keep an eye out or get them sent to your work or a friend or relative who’s home more etc.

And keep an eye out for people lingering, or checking out other people’s properties etc – being a good citizen and neighbour doesn’t cost anything and benefits everyone 🙂

4 Replies to “Packages Being Left on Doorsteps… Be aware if you’ve been shopping online or expecting gifts in the mail!

  1. Thanks for posting this, I just ordered the Airfryer, and remembered you posted about the Costco Masterpass promo, saved another$20!

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