Open Farm Day in Manitoba!!

26 Aug

Mark your calendars, Sept. 15th is Open Farm Day in Manitoba – which means that you can visit over 60 farms and learn a lot about farming in Manitoba. You can meet the farmers, ask them all types of job related questions, and see their day to day life and operations.

Check out their website for a list of farms, and a map to figure it all out. You can also check out what kind of local stuff you’ll be able to buy, and where. Could make for a fun weekend, check out a new town and a nearby farm.

There are all types of farms to visit too, dairy farms, butterflies, berries, alpacas, veggies, cattle and much more!! Something new for everyone, and they list the types of activities they have and it sounds like a lot of fun!!

Has anyone done the open farm day before? Any farms you recommend as must sees?

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  1. just got back from this event. We visited three farms in just a few hours and the kids loved it. We went to Aurora farms on south south Waverley and the kids and adults rode horses, pet and fed animals and bought goodies and soaps. Next up was the U of M research farm further south down Pembina highway lots of freebies including lunch! (pork on a bun) plus we visited inside where we ground flour, made canola oil, saw brand new piglets with their mama, “drove” a tractor, saw lots of bugs…then off to a small organic farm in Lorette where we purchased some yummy banana bread and veggies – by this time my 3yr old was pretty much done so we didn’t go on the bee hive tour 🙁 next time maybe. Great event and will definitely plan a route for several stops again next year.

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