Ookpix – Review & Awesome Discount!

3 Dec

You may not have known, but ookpix is a very proud Canadian company.

Whether you’re making a personalized photo book, calendar, canvas or other home decor item, every product they offer is made right here in Canada. No worries about your order having to cross the border or getting held up at customs.

Ookpix is so easy to use, but if you need some assistance along the way, their customer service team is also made up of friendly Canadians, eager to help you with your project to ensure you are happy!

I have used ookpix for both photo book making and a canvas family portrait, and I love love love it! It’s so simple to use – Just need to get the photo’s that you want to use, upload them, drop them where it tells you to – voila!
I couldn’t be happier with the results, and the fact that it’s Canadian made makes me proud to be supporting local 🙂 Keeping our economy going!

With the holiday season coming up, all orders placed by Dec.12th are guaranteed to be under the tree! With their under the tree-guarantee, everyone will be happy, and you don’t need to sweat waiting to see if it will arrive in time!

If that’s not exciting enough, we have a wonderful discount offer for our readers.
Use discount code: SAVEINWINNIPEG to get: 55% off your order
This will expire on December 16th, 2014:

To top off the great deal, they have FREE SHIPPING within Canada!
There is an option for 2-3 day shipping or shipping overnight (that there is a fee for), but honestly, it’s not bad at all.

What are you waiting for?! Head on over to Ookpix and start your project today!


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