Flipp App – Review and Giveaway ($50 Visa!)

3 Dec

flippChecking flyers can be a pain – they come on different days, you might not get all of them…it gets pretty confusing if you’re trying to find the best prices.

The Flipp app from Wishabi solves that problem – all the flyers in one place, easy to access and easy to use!

You can check your favourite stores and plan out your shopping trip, but if you’re looking for the best price on a specific item you can use Flipp to search all the stores at once! What a time and money saver!

Once you find the deals you want, you can clip them and add them to your shopping list – a very handy tool for price matching too! This is a must have for any smart shopper – gone are the days of laying out all the flyers and pouring over them. Using Flipp you can figure it all out in minutes. Perfect for shopping for gifts over the holidays – but another big one is holiday baking items! If you’re going to be using a lot of butter or nuts etc. in your baking, it’s a great idea to check and find the best price and just stock up.

Handy too if you’re out shopping and have a big selection of stores nearby, why not search and just make one trip to the one that fits your shopping list? With winters like ours, being able to cut down on stops makes a big difference. I’ve had fun using this to search for things we usually stock up on – one trip and I’m good for a while.

You can download the app for free on Apple or Google – it’s a good idea to add it to all of your devices and be ready to save while shopping!!

And thanks to Flipp, I have a $50 Visa giftcard to help one lucky person out with their holiday shopping! Here are your ways to enter:

1 – Download the Flipp app and comment with what your favourite thing about it is

2 – Comment with how you plan to use the app to help save on your holiday shopping

3 – Post the link to this giveaway as your facebook status and comment that you did so

4 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway and comment that you did so – you can earn a daily entry for this one!

Giveaway is open to all Canadians and will end Monday Dec. 8th at noon – Good Luck everyone!

****CLOSED – Congrats to Karla S. who wins the gift card!

123 Replies to “Flipp App – Review and Giveaway ($50 Visa!)

  1. I love Flipp because it allows me to have all deals stored in one place! I don’t have to rip out pieces of flyers anymore. I have definitely been using it for Christmas shopping by clipping and price-comparing items that I want to buy as gifts.

  2. I didn’t like Flipp at first. But now it is my go-to flyer app. I like that it has ALL the flyers I want to see and when they expire!

  3. My favourite feature is being able to see product details by long-pressing on an item, and there is an option to visit the store’s webpage for more information on the item.

    For holiday shopping, I plan to use the app to compare sales on tablets between Future Shop, Best Buy and Staples so that I get the best deal possible.

  4. I just installed this app and am excited to use it to compare specials, especially as I have stopped receiving some flyers such as Walmart and Superstore.

  5. downloaded flip * needs iOs 7.0 or greater
    Will have to familiarize myself with how it works before going shopping but looking forward to making pricematching easier.

  6. I don’t have it yet but I’m definitely downloading it to see what all the hype is about. Will be glad if it saves me from running around the city looking for deals

  7. I have already used Flipp to price match on toys to save money on Christmas shopping! Often when toys are on sale they sell out quick. So last week I was able to price match monster high and ever after high dolls at toys r us. I spent $35 on 3 dolls. Saved $75! Will continue to find great deals with Flipp for the rest of my Christmas shopping!

  8. I have already been using it to save money by being able to search the flyers on the app for a specific item and seeing a whole list of sales from each store.

  9. Downloaded the app and have been using for a while now! Love not having to run around for items! Also, how it has saved me for Christmas!

  10. Already have the flipp app, very useful I use it to compare prices and so I cab see what’s on sale so I don’t waste time going looking around all over. Love the app! Wouldn’t be able to go without it

  11. I love flipp bc i can access it on the go anywhere i am and i can select and store to review later all the things i come across ans its all in one place unlike having to go through several flyers searching. I plan to use the visa if i get it to help my mom pay for Christmasdinner so she jhas extra money for christmas 🙂

  12. I LOVE that I can clip things and even when I’m not online (as I don’t have data) I can still pull the ads up to price match!

  13. My favourite thing about the Flipp app is the ability to flip through various flyers and ‘clip’ them onto my shopping list

  14. I found out about flipp through the save money in winnipeg site. I LOVE it. It’s saved me so much time and money. I love being able to see all the flyers in one place, especially because I live out of town and don’t receive most of the flyers by mail. Now I can actually visit with my parents instead of spending most of my time flipping through their flyers while I’m there 🙂

  15. I love being able to “clip” the deals that I like and be able to quickly go to that tab to see it rather then search all the flyers to try and find it again.

  16. My favourite thing is that I can search a product and find out everywhere it’s on sale- I still only go to one store but I can price match all the times and get the best of both worlds. Much faster than flicking through all the paper flyers.

  17. The app is great for holiday shopping because I can compare prices on the go. I find I do lots of impromptu holiday shopping and I can easily check other flyers to see if I’m getting the best deal

  18. I LOVE the list function in the app. It allows me to tap it and then i know what I want at what stores. It is so easy

  19. I plan to use it to help me with my Christmas backing and cooking! It’s always fun, but it’s expensive to cook & feed so many people.

  20. Finally, I can view the Superstore flyer on my ipad again, along with all my other favourite flyers. Fast and very easy to use!

  21. Love being able to see all the flyers even for stores that are not in my city…makes it easy to plan a shopping trip!

  22. I love the Flipp app! The best feature is it is reliable! Our paper flyers would always arrive late if ever and now I have the flyers when they come out.

  23. I LOVE this app! It has come in handy so many times! Living in the country we don’t always get all the flyers but with FLIPP I get all of them. With this app I can use the search to actually find where an item is the cheapest each week! Love , love, love!

  24. Love this app, and love the tap-to-select/circle part! Going to use it for holiday shopping by keeping number of stores to visit to a minimum. Posted on Facebook and Tweeted 🙂

  25. This app is great, I love how you can circle items while your looking through the flyers and then later compare the items to other stores prices makes shopping easier to find the best prices

  26. I have been using the flipp app for awhile now and love it. I don’t get the flyers and this allows me to see all of them. I love the search feature the most!

  27. I love using the search and clipping option. It is much easier then paper flyers. I will save money with this app by easily finding sales and price-matching. Shared on fb.

  28. The Flipp app is great! Not only does it make is easy and convenient to compare prices in one place but it has given me gift ideas that I hadn’t thought of!

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