Old Navy Flip Flops sale!

18 Jun

Mark your calendars – June 30th is Old Navy’s big flip flop sale, only $1 per pair! 🙂 Not sure of the limit yet, with most of these promos it’s usually 5 or 10 per person – these will go pretty fast! It’s only going to be available in store so make sure to get there early! At least we know early enough to have time to prep for it! Great summer staple, neat idea for loot bags etc. too – can never have enough flip flops for the lake, pool etc.

2 Replies to “Old Navy Flip Flops sale!

  1. Flip-flops (beach thongs) have always been a mystery to me. Do people really wear them and find them comfortable? I think the last time I had a pair was as a kid in about 1983, and I didn’t like the thong between my toes. Do people just use them for the beach and for shower shoes? Do they wear them out places and buy different colours to match outfits? Can a person actually drive in them? What do they normally cost?

    • Very true Elizabeth! 🙂 I like to have a pair to throw on to go in the yard, that’s about it. My husband wears his all the time, and drives in them etc. He finds them really comfortable. My daughter wants to wear hers out all the time, but I limit it to small trips with not a lot of walking – we’ve had them fly off way too many times. I’d think normally they’re $5 and up, some are made really nicely and very comfy. These $1 ones to me are just yard shoes.

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