Old Navy $1 flipflop sale!

18 Jun

I know this is one sale that people wait all year for – the Old Navy $1 flip flop sale!

There was a bit of confusion with it, because they had a cardholder sale only – but the sale for everyone else will be on June 29th. So far, no word on limits etc.

They have this sale every year, it’s for the plain type flip flops, and you can usually get quite a few. We really like these, we’ve bought quite a few over the years for the whole family, and they actually hold up really well. Great idea to pick up a few pairs for everyone for summer fun – good for extras at the cabin etc. too.

And while you’re there don’t forget about the flip flop and fly program for Siloam Mission – pick up a few extra pairs each to donate and in that one day I’m pretty sure every person in need of summer footwear would get a pair! We are good here for flip flops since we stocked up last year, so we will be going as a family to get a bunch to donate 🙂 Hope a lot of you join me in that!

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