Old El Paso cheese deal

11 Oct

Not sure if everyone has noticed this instore or not – the boxes of Chicken Fajita Old El Paso kits have a great new coupon on them! Buy one kit to get the coupon and the next time you buy another kit you get a free small bag of Kraft cheese, or 6$ toward a large bag of cheese!  The kits are 2 for 7$ at Safeway this week and the cheese in on sale for 6.99$ – works out to a pretty great deal!!!

There were also coupons on the boxes of Carnation hot chocolate powder – get a free Stouffers sandwich!

I like coupons like this – really helps to cut down the grocery bills!! We did the fajita deal a few times, just keep buying 2 more and getting the coupons. The cheese freezes very well, and it’s always handy to have in the freezer. The coupon is good until january too I think – keep an eye out for some good sales on those kits when you’re out shopping!

What other good deals like this are out there right now?

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  1. The cheese coupons are on some of the Stuff and Stand, as well as the 1/2 hard 1/2 soft Taco kits. Fabulous deal especially if you still have any save.ca Old El Paso 1$ off coupons kicking around!

  2. Awesome! I only saw it on the fajita kits – will have to keep checking around. How much are those kits at other stores, and the cheese?

  3. Depends on where you shop… Regular price at the MarketPlace is around 5$!!! I try to never spend more then 3.50 on one however… I picked up 2 at Sobeys last week on 10% Tuesday for 3.69 each (OOP less then 3.50), and picked up two big bags of cheese that were on for 6.99 (-6$ from previous coupons). I’ve seen the big bags for 5.99 inthe past but have only ever bought them when I have a save.ca coupon to go with it… I personally believe in shredding my own cheese for way less $ LOL! I must say that the Mexicana cheese was very flavorful however, and I can’t wait to try out the 4 chs Italiano on a lasagna next week! You never know… I may get hooked!

    Just a FYI that the Taco kits I bought last week are best before Feb 10th, the cheese coupons on the box Jan 31st, and the cheese I bought Jan 13th so no freezing is necessary! If anyone still has any $ off the Taco/Fajita kits lets talk! I’m always up for a trade!

  4. Hi, I don’t normally buy the kits, as I am not a big fan of corn tortillas, which was what the kit with the coupon contained. But i used those little tortillas in a baked enchilada dish to use them up (along with the regular type i normally buy) and it turned out fine, so it is a good deal. Plus you get all the other packs… sauce, seasoning, etc in the same kit.

  5. I normally don’t buy the shredded cheese either – but for 99 cents a bag you can’t beat it! 🙂 I’m freezing it all – I’ve bought 8 so far!

  6. I bought those at the Safeway in Lindenwoods. The kits were on 2/$7. I bought two this time around. Cheese was on for $6.99 each. The girl didn’t read the coupon so I ended up getting the cheese completely free!! I need to go back to her!! And I’m not sure how it worked, or what she did, but my bill was less than $7. I paid a total of $6.60 which is less than the sale price of the two kits! My receipt says I saved $22.94!

  7. I checked out the Carnation hot chocolates yesterday – there are two different coupons, depending on the type of hot chocolate. A few of the boxes have the coupons for a free Stouffers Mini Slider pockets, and some of the boxes have a coupon for a free bag of Aero bubbles (mint or milk chocolate). I got the mixed box of hot chocolates (Coffee Crisp, Rolo, and After Eight) and they came with the Aero coupon.

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