Newbridge Toy Shop #Winnipeg – Mixis Doll Giveaway

22 Jan

newbridge Newbridge Toys is your go to place for toys in Winnipeg!

They have a huge selection of all types of toys, and offer all kinds of personalized services. They carry all your favourite brands, and many special things like emergency gift service – you can call in and speak to someone, they’ll wrap the gift up and have it ready for you! Great time saver for all those last minute parties!

They even put together really cool loot bags – stuff kids will actually want to play with and really enjoy.

Check them out at 1791 Main st. – fun to take the kids and let them explore the wide variety of toys!


They also have a big variety of lesser known toys too, like Mixis dolls.  I had never heard of this doll before, but it’s such a neat doll line. They are all mixed race dolls, and come with really cute clothing.

mixis Each doll comes with her own back story and information.

There’s Rosa Dominguez Katz who is Latin and Jewish, Houda is French and Lebanese, Opal is British and Ghanaian and Emerald is Black American/Native American and Japanese.

I love all the stories about the dolls, tells you a bit about their lives, what they like to do etc.

It’s a great concept too – if your kid is tired of playing with dolls that look nothing like them. Also fun if kids want a doll that looks like their friend or relative. I love that their outfits are just cute fun clothes any regular girl would wear – they’re not wearing traditional costumes or anything. These girls look ready to hit the mall or go to a party 🙂 The clothes are really well made, and the shoes are even hand made!

I think these are great for kids of course, but I can even see this being a fun gift idea for someone of that nationality! For the lady who never had a doll that looked like her growing up! Makes a great keepsake too.

Newbridge Toys has a great giveaway  – one lucky person will be winning their own Mixis doll! The winner will get to go to the store and pick out which Mixis doll they want.

Here are your ways to enter for this one:

1 – Check out the Mixis site and comment with which doll is your favourite.

2 – Like Newbridge Toys on facebook

3 – Follow Newbridge Toys on twitter

4 – Post the link to this giveaway as your facebook status

5 – Earn a daily entry for tweeting out the link to this giveaway.

Make sure to comment seperately for each one. Giveaway open to all Canadians but you must be in Winnipeg to visit the fabulous Newbridge Toys to pick up your prize. Giveaway will end Wednesday Jan. 29th at noon – Good Luck to everyone!


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