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11 Sep

Great new app now that you can add to your phone – MYTMC. All kinds of coupons you can just bring up right on your phone and use right away. Local businesses like Best West Pet foods, Academy Lanes, Booster Juice etc.

They also have a cool feature right now – you can buy a Pizza Hotline Loaded Value Card for $10. You get $30 worth of stuff on it, like an xl pizza, wings, pop, cheese sticks etc.  Love buying promos like this, we love Pizza Hotline and tripling your money is always nice too!!

There’s all kinds of great deals with this app, so make sure to check it out! Awesome to have local deals at your fingertips all the time – no need to print anything out.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words & review, Nadine. Make sure to download the app to your iphone or android device and take advantage of the exclusive offers found only on MyTMC.

    Barrett Fraser

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