My Lincoln MKS review – a week of luxury!

7 Oct

Let’s start this off right – yes, I know the Lincoln MKS is not your average car, price wise, it’s definitely in the luxury market. 🙂 It’s not for everyone’s pocketbook or lifestyle, but if it is in your price range or you or a family member were thinking of buying or leasing one these are my thoughts on it.

I was very lucky to get to spend a week with my new best friend, the Lincoln MKS, or as my daughter started to call it, Blincoln or even more affectionately, Blinky. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this car, I knew the price tag but really had no idea what type of amazing features you get – and a lot of these are standard in the base price which is even more amazing!

Let’s start with some of the cool features – this car has heated seats, of course. Everyone has that now. But this car comes with cooled seats! Can only imagine how awesome that would be on a hot summer day. And yes, I used them because it was mid 20’s one day and wow is all I had to say. Now the feature that had us all drooling – a heated steering wheel!! If you don’t live in a cold area you probably don’t get too excited about that, but try it on a freezing morning and it’s just pure indulgence! A few times my daughter had to yell at me to get out of the car when we got to school, I was just so comfy with the heated seat and steering wheel!

You might wonder how this fares as a family car also – we had 3 kids in the backseat and they were all comfy and happy. My daughter hates being in our car, whines, complains, I’m not kidding. It’s no fun. In this car she actually danced the entire way home from her car seat in the back, full body dancing, singing, laughing – of course we were blasting Disney on the Sirius radio. This car actually has the movie THX stereo system – it is amazing! My daughter became good friends with the car, she said good morning and goodbye to it every time she got it -she loved all the voice activated stuff, and we actually had to just sit in it in the driveway a few times so she could phone her grandma, and play with all the buttons at the front. The trunk is enormous too – fyi it fits 3 large enough children! 😉 Plenty of room for golf clubs, hockey equipment, groceries etc.

Another thing I have to admit is that I’m not the best driver, I’m not a bad driver, but I’m just not confident enough sometimes. After a day of driving this car I felt like a pro. It’s so easy to drive, all the safety features are amazing and it really puts you at ease. All the hands free features with the Lincoln Sync are great too – tell the car to make it hotter, colder, find you restaurants, a gas station, change the radio station – it’s pretty limitless. And you never have to take your eyes off the road – just tap a button on the steering wheel you’re already holding – and maybe it’s even heated 🙂  Another thing I really liked were all the safety sensors – backing up it beeps if you’re too close, same thing when you’re edging up to the garage. And the beeps get louder so you can gauge perfectly if you need to fit in a tight spot. There’s also sensors if you’re driving along and you get too close to another car – comes in handy when person ahead of you brakes. I didn’t even know it had those type of sensors while driving until my husband drove it – ends up he likes to get too close to people when passing on the highway – it’s also a great reminder not to do that! Sensor went off when we were driving down Portage and person ahead of us missed their turn and slammed their brakes on. The alarm is perfect, lights and sound – not too scary or crazy, just a hello! watch out! – not a freak you out while driving alarm.

This car has so many features, I could go on and on and on – but another one I was really excited to show everyone was the park assist. I had already tried this at a Ford event and loved it. My husband said he didn’t even want to try it – he’s an amazing parallel parker and thought had no need for this. Also told me he didn’t trust robots and computers. (did I mention we are the best test family? what bizarre quirks!) Anyway, I told him he had to try it at least once, so we drove around St. Boniface and found a super tight spot that my husband said no way we would fit in. How park assist works is that you press a button and the car calculates the spot and tells you if you will fit or not. If you fit, you pull ahead a bit, put it in reverse and away you go. And remember – YOU control the gas and brakes, as I yelled over and over! So, he took his hands off the wheel, the car parked itself and he was totally shocked. And then, he drove around and parked again, and again. And anywhere we went during the week, my anti-computer naysayer husband, well, he used that park assist like a pro!! And the one thing I like to say about the park assist that you don’t hear a lot is this, if you ever feel uncomfortable with the park, or change your mind – as soon as you touch the steering wheel or grab it, the park assist shuts down and you are totally back in control. It’s not scary like people imagine it to be. And with the rear view camera you can park this thing anywhere – safely. Beautiful!

One thing I hadn’t realized about driving a luxury car like this was the attention – we actually got a thumbs up on the highway from a young guy driving a very sporty car. I would notice people lingering around the car checking it out, everyone asked questions about it. At first when I drove the car I thought it was a very manly car – I soon realized this is a nice lady car too, great way to meet some guys! 😉 The paint job on this car really impressed me too – me who could probably not tell you what colour a friends car is, or what colour a store I go to weekly etc. I just don’t normally notice this stuff – but this blew me away. It looked black when you first looked at it, but in the sun there was red underneath that came through – just gave the car an amazing look, and a lot of people asked about that effect. Not sure why that impressed me so much, but it did. This car is like a work of art to look at, inside and out.

Of course, driving on the highway things will happen. We had a very near accident one day – we were driving along at regular speed, went into a curve and a big truck ahead of us decides to come to a complete stop to make their turn, blocking traffic both way. A lady who had been driving pretty close to us came behind us in the curve, and the stop that we hadn’t had any problem making she just couldn’t do. It was a slow motion minute, she almost rear ended us, then she took the shoulder and almost hit us on the side. Then, she spun out of control and did a 180 on the highway and ended up between us and the big truck – facing us and probably an inch away from the truck. It was a terrifying moment for all – but we realized after that none of us panicked, we knew we had a zillion airbags and none of our sensors had gone off so she wasn’t that close to us. It really brought home driving according to your vehicle and stopping power – and of course scared us incredibly. It was bizarre discussing it after , since when we braked it was so light I don’t even remember my seatbelt tightening at all or anything like that. This car just gives you an amazing feeling of safety – and also has tons of safety features to back that feeling up. I remember thinking while it was happening that I hope the lady hits us in her 180 instead of the truck – we were all seatbelted in, and the speed was slower at that point. There were kids in the station wagon and if she had hit the truck with her rear end, well, I wouldn’t be writing about this so casually.

All in all it was an amazing week – I got to learn first hand about all these new safety features, put some to use – and see what driving a luxury car is really like. Maybe my deathgrip on the keys when I had to return it speaks volumes about my feelings! 😉 This car was truly unbelievable – you kind of just melted in it. I normally hate driving, rarely if ever drive on the highway – in this car I just couldn’t get enough. We checked out a few Culture Days events in Manitoba, and we did a lot of city and highway driving, even some gravel roads. We drove to Teulon for a pancake breakfast, farmer’s market and pumpkin contest. To Gimli for the beach and beauty – and I’m serious, in a week not one complaint in the car from my car ride hating kiddo. It handles amazing in the city and on the highway, it’s fun and easy to drive and for a bigger car it really didn’t feel like it at all. For anyone in the market for a luxury car – check out the Lincoln MKS for sure. Contact your local dealership, or check out Lincoln‘s website for all the technical car details – there’s tons to learn about this car for sure.


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  1. Wow that’s insane amount of features….. We never had a car with heated seats :)… Would definitely be like a dream car for us… Maybe some time in the future..
    Nice pictures too 🙂

    Lucky you

    • I could have written pages and pages just on the features – amazing how it’s all so thought out too – nothing is missed in this car.

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