My first trip to Target Canada

7 May




Went to the Southdale Target this morning with another mom, after dropping the kids off at school. We got there around 8:45, it was busy but not crazy. Traffic flowed well and they seemed very organized. The store is nice and new of course, just looks like any other Target out there.

Most of the household items and food are brands you can already buy here – prices were ok, but not amazing. We’ll have to wait and see how their sales are. Lots of great kids clothes, good selection of shoes for the whole family at affordable prices. Toy section wasn’t huge, there were some toys I hadn’t seen before. Lots of fun party items, and summer items.¬†I want to go back for the freezable ice cream bowls, just need to figure out how many we’d need ūüôā

The crowd was good and patient, lots of moms and seniors. The lineup went fast and they were well organized for that. All in all a good shopping trip, worth going to take a look. I’ll be going back with the family for sure. No word yet on the grand opening events, they’re supposed to be sometime in May but I’ll let you know when I find out.

Here’s a cost breakdown of what I bought, hope the picture shows up, of course it’s the day I’m having problems with that:

– Archer Farms Sea Salt Caramel and Almond granola bites, 15 little bars for $2.79

– Archer Farms dark chocolate and hazelnut granola bites, also $2.79

– Archer Farms sunny cranberry trailmix $3.99

РArcher Farms monster trailmix big 1kg jar for $8.99

РArcher Farms tex mex trail mix 750g jar for $6.99

– Archer Farms chocolate chunk hazelnut biscotti granola cereal for $4.49

Because these are all food items only available at the store in the u.s., doesn’t list the prices. I was happy with the prices, for comparable items I’d get at other stores in the city.

Have you checked out the new Targets? Are you planning to? What did you think of the prices?

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  1. Those prices are very comparable if not the same. I noticed that products that are their brand seem to be holding pretty close where they can, with the exception of things like eggs, cheese and similar items. I had a look at their children’s bedding section because my daughter has their owl set and I want to keep adding to it and the prices seem to be the same, but I will be checking to confirm that next weekend when we go down. Toys were hit and miss on savings, like a stuffed toy that is $14.99 everywhere else here but $9.99 at Target in the US & Canada now too. Prices seemed all over the place in the clothing section, things like underwear are the crazy Canadian price, but the Circo clothing is reasonable. Their lawn ornaments were the same/very close, it will be interesting to see how things look as they become more settled in our market!

  2. Yeah, me and the SIL decided to check it out. Had a few things to get and thought that we could do it all at Target.
    I was not at all impressed with the food prices. I spent a lot more than I thought I should have. I would say I would have bought more for the same amount at Walmart.
    That was food items, so will have to check the other sections another time or watch the flyers.

  3. I have now visited the Target Southdale Store twice. Both times disappointed. The first time the shelves where very sparse and empty looking, very little product on the shelves. When going through the checkout with my one item in hand the clerk was extremely frustrated over a non-functioning debit machine. Took the Manager to correct after several attempts. Clerks looked disorganized and flustered. I did not stay long as there was nothing grabbing my attention.

    Last night I went for the second time hoping for an improvement. What was frustrating for this shopper was the lack of pricing, disorganized merchandising with signage/pricing. I went to a sale rack whereby a sign posted showed a price of $16.99. The sticker on the table indicated $24.99 and the product had absolutely no pricing on it. I had to hunt down a sales clerk to find out the price. She pulled out a scan gun to find out the item was $19.99. Can you say confusing? Upon circulating the Women’s Clothing Dept, any item that was not a feature or sale item had absolutely no price tickets and no scanning equipment around to verify pricing. I certainly I’m not going to run down a clerk every time I want a price.
    When looking strictly at sales signs, these prices are not blowing me away. It’s what I thought, American Chains just don’t translate well to the Canadian Market. One item that I can buy State side costs $16.99, here $19.99 plus 2 taxes. Think I’ll continue to shop Target U.S.A. I agree with another shoppers comment, the Southdale Target seems a cleaner version of Zellers. It lacks in size, product and organization.
    Not going to be rushing back!

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