My favourite Smoothie!

18 Apr

If you’re like me, maybe you forget or don’t have time for breakfast some days? Or your lunch is a little too light? Looking for a good mid-afternoon snack?

I started making smoothies a few months ago to fill that gap – find it’s great at any time of the day. My daughter is totally hooked on them now too, anytime I mention the word smoothie she just yells, me!  So, smoothies for 2 most of the time 🙂  Makes a great after school snack too, or something quick to bring on the go.

There’s so many different ways to make smoothies, you can add or leave stuff out depending on your allergies, preference, eating habits etc.  You can do dairy, non dairy etc.  – basically if you can eat fruit, you can find a smoothie to match your taste!

ingredients Here’s my super quick version of my fave smoothie – I played around with fruit, juice etc. and I find this is the taste we like the best here. I often will just throw in whatever juice we have that complements the frozen fruit.

I like the Europe’s Best fruit – with the cherries for a little bit of tartness. Using frozen fruit is great, because you don’t have to add any ice. I’m looking forward to all the big fruit sales this summer, can freeze the exact combos I want. I don’t normally eat bananas, ever! But somehow in the smoothie I don’t taste it and it adds to the thickness so I always throw one in.

The one thing I can’t have my smoothie without is the Vega smoothie powder – there are a lot of different kinds, my fave is the berry energizing one. I love adding it in, my kiddo hates veggies and this has 2 servings of veggies, omega 3, protein, fibre and much more! The ingredient list is amazing! And I find we really like the taste of the powder, I was leery at first but now when we run out of it I’m pretty sad and it’s a quick trip to the store for more! 🙂  London Drugs has a great selection of it, makes it easy to pick up.

You’ll have to figure out your own ratio, I like my smoothies super thick – the straw has to stand up straight in it! I make myself a big mug of it and love how long it stays cold and delicious because of the frozen fruit.

smoothie  I do about a cup of fruit, and just enough juice to get it to the consistency I like. I use my regular old blender and it does a great job – nice to not have to get anything new for it. If you want to make it even better you could juice your fruit to add in…. I do have a juicer, but for the limited amount of juice vs. the mess of it I just use packaged.

I’m wanting to try adding some kale in it too – just haven’t gotten there yet since it’s for me and a 7 year old so I have to figure out how to sneak it in. Anything else I should be adding in?

What’s your favourite smoothie? Any good tips?

5 Replies to “My favourite Smoothie!

  1. My MIL#2 makes a great creamsicle one…Not to sure what’s in it..but it get’s me pretty loopy after the 4th one 😉 She does a strawberry one too. Delicious.

    Add Kale – I head people juicing their veggies to add it in, you may need to use your juicer for that – maybe make ice cubes of frozen veggie juice, so you just add a couple when it’s smoothie making time.

  2. I put in Kale and/or spinach to mine with orange juice, fruit (banana, berries, orange, apple, grapes – pretty well whatever we have on hand), greek yogurt then some flax seed, chia seed, hemp seed…it’s so good. My 3 year old girl loves them too!! I don’t juice anything first, just put in all in whole – that way you get the benefit of all the fibre. It’s so filling – that’s the best part that you can have it for a meal, and you aren’t hungry right away afterwards.

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