Meet our 7th Manitoban blogger – Geeky Book Snob

24 Dec

Geeky Book Snob lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is grateful she gets to experience a climate with four different seasons.  New to blogging, she also spends her spare time volunteering in the theatre community, has a daytime job that she enjoys very much, is married and goes by the name Annette.  Cheese is her kryptonite.

1-      When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in August 2012.

2-      What exactly made you start blogging?

First off, I love writing.  I want to improve my writing, find my voice and run with it.  What better way of doing that than through blogging?   The idea of keeping a blog was a challenge for me.  To keep going with new content was both intimidating and exciting.

3-      What motivates you to keep going?

In all honesty it is the blogging community.  I use WordPress for my blog and the community there is so supportive and engaging.  You do get a little anxious at first, you begin to think, what if no one likes what I post?  I quickly realized that I didn’t care, that I was blogging for myself and should there be people along the way that want to stop in and read what I have to say then great.  The people who share your passions find you and the people that visit my blog on a regular basis are all book lovers too.  We all geek out together which I love.  The other motivation is the challenge of posting daily – I’ve made a deal with myself that I would post daily and while it doesn’t always happen, just keeping the blog fresh is enough motivation to keep me going.

4-      Favourite post ever? Include a link to it

My favourite post ever was a when I responded to a writing challenge.  WordPress has the Daily Post, their own blog that encourages development in bloggers.  Once a week they post a writing challenge and I liked the topic so much I decided to heed the call.  The challenge was to write out of your comfort zone.  Since I blog about books I thought the best way for me to do that was to combine my other love: quantum physics.  Hence How I Opened a Wormhole Simply by Reading was born.  I really enjoyed writing this post, it brought out the little girl in me – and I was rewarded for it.  That post was a WordPress Freshly Pressed feature. 

5-      What is the direction you are heading in with your blog?

I love books.  It has been the one consistent love in my life.  It isn’t just about reading, it’s a love affair with books.  While I do post book reviews on my blog I like being creative and just exploring the world of books in general.  I’m a geek and I want to share my geek love for books and hope to get others excited about books.  I will write about anything to do with books from gift ideas for book lovers to videos about books (such as book trailers – yes they exist!).  I have two running installments throughout the blog that my followers seem to really enjoy;  Thoughts from the bookshelf (where I post random thoughts that pop in my head surrounding the topic of books) and the Book Cover Gallery (the newest one, where I share my favourite book covers from an artistic point of view).

6-      Tips for new bloggers?

The only tip I have is one that will make blogging a bit easier.  Have a topic and ideally a topic you are passionate about.  For me, it’s books.  If you are all over the place you might get frustrated and be unsure of what to write about.  A topic or theme makes it so much easier.  Helps with focus.

7-      What do you want people to know about you?

That I am an enthusiastic geek when it comes to books.  However, I do have my snobbish side (hence the name of my blog).  I find most book enthusiasts can be a bit elitist and I say embrace it!

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