March Break – keeping it fun and affordable!

12 Feb

What is everyone planning for March Break? Whether you are staying home, going away or doing a mix of both and doing a staycation, it’s always hard to keep kids entertained and within budget. Here are some of my favourite ideas for march break!

Start planning ahead – keep an eye out on all those group buying sites for something the kids would enjoy. Maybe some discounted bowling or mini golf, a restaurant one – anything can come up. Also look through your coupon books and the yellow pages for coupons for outings – ask friends and family to do the same.

If the weather is nice, playing outside is always good. But, if it’s a cold week try to plan a theme. One that we enjoy doing is a camping day – set up the tent in the basement, pretend that you’ve gone camping! Make some popcorn, tell stories and enjoy a fun family adventure.

Crafts and games are always fun too, but sometimes we need a refresher – trade puzzles, games etc. with a friend to try some new ones for free. Get a bunch of books and movies from the library for free!

We love to do treasure hunts – if your kids can read, make up elaborate clues. If they can’t read we draw pictures on sticky notes – draw a picture of where the next clue will be, like a bathtub, a shoe etc.  Hide a Kinder egg in the last spot, and you’ve got your hidden treasure and a toy to play with after! 🙂

Check out Kinder Canada on facebook, they are having monthly contests including 500$ towards a staycation! 🙂

These are some of my family’s ways of having fun at home – what do you guys do?

 “Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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  1. We had planned on going to the Wisconsin Dells as I found a great deal on a 2 bedroom condo with waterpark passes for the 5 of us included in the price, but we have had to postpone our trip. Instead, I think I’ll put the kids in the Gymkyds camp for at least 1 day and hope for nice weather…

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