Manyfest #Winnipeg 2014

20 Aug

From Sept. 5th to 7th on Broadway it’s Manyfest in Winnipeg again!

If you haven’t been, it’s a big festival on Broadway – they close down several blocks and it’s a lot of fun.

We went last year and it was a blast – lots of great vendors and stuff for kids to do. A big sandbox on the street, a bouncer for the kids etc. We had kiddo’s portrait done which I loved so much I framed.

It’s neat too because it’s all day and evening too – stuff for families during the day and grownups at night. It’s great that they close the street off – lots of room to wander around and see everything.

There’s a movie in the park on Friday night (Jumanji I hear), there’s beer and wine festivals, the amazing Food Truck Wars and much more!

Make sure to check out their site for all the info. Perfect outing for right after the start of school – something for the whole family!



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