Manitoba Fall Suppers 2020

5 Sep

Fall suppers are a long-standing tradition in Manitoba. it’s a great time to get together with your community or your neighbours, go check out a new area, meet some new people – or even just go for all of the amazing food.

They are an amazing fundraiser for small towns and communities, and unfortunately this year there are a lot of changes.

Quite a few have been cancelled, some have become pick up only or drive-thrus.

There are still quite a few to support, it can make for a fun drive and a picnic if you’re not from the area! Plan a day around it, check out a new town. Lots of great meals coming up.

There is a Facebook page that is posting updates, so keep an eye on that.

If you want to go to a specific town, check them out online and see if they are still having one.

And let me know which ones you see are happening, I’ll share them on my social media too, happily 🙂

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