Manitoba Fair Dates 2017

by Nadine on April 24, 2017

If you’re planning out your summer and want to check out some local fairs, make sure to look at the new guide for 2017.

There are tons of fairs in Manitoba all summer long – and they’re all pretty different so worth taking a look to see what your family would enjoy! Some are mostly animals, some have carnivals, some are themed to the area and so on!

Perfect time for a roadtrip and check out a new town too! You can check out the guide online – it’s organized month to month so easy to pick out the times that work for you. Can even plan a camping trip around one, or look for hotels in the area. Makes for a great, economical little holiday.

Kind of unbelievable how many there really are! Which ones are you planning on going to this year? Any that are must sees?


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