Lord of the Rings on the Big Screen during Winter Break!

4 Dec

If you or your family are big Lord of the Ring fans, you’ll be happy to know it’s playing at Cineplex during the Winter Holidays as part of the Flashback film series.
It’s $7 per person and there’s one a week.

On Dec. 20th, 26th and Jan 4th it’s The Lord of the Rings, The fellowship of the ring: extended edition.

On Dec. 27th, 30th and Jan 4th  it’s The Two Towers, extended edition.

On Jan 3rd, 4th and 7th  it’s the Return of the King, extended edition.

Great idea to buy tickets in advance – super fun family outing. And if you time it out right – you can see all 3 on january 4th!

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