Lego Store Opening in Winnipeg!

20 Apr

lego  The word on the street today in Winnipeg is that there is a Lego store set to open!

There is a job listing for Winnipeg on the actual Lego site – which is great news for all Lego lovers!

There’s no location or date for where and when – but if they’re hiring it would have to be soon enough.

I think a Lego store is a great addition to Winnipeg – long winter months and Lego are a perfect match!

What are your thoughts? Any guesses as to where it will be opening?

With so many stores leaving the city lately it’s great to see some fun ones coming. What other stores would you love to see come to Winnipeg?


4 Replies to “Lego Store Opening in Winnipeg!

    • I don’t think they’re normally that big. Would be great, but I can’t see them succeeding in such a huge space.

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