Learn, See, Taste, Travel and SAVE in Winnipeg this Summer – Guest Post

27 Mar
1. Daily Deals
Daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social may not be specific to Winnipeggers however they do offer tons of deals to their subscribers. You can sometimes save 50 percent by using one of these services. All you have to do is sign up for their daily or weekly email blasts and you’ll start receiving deals on everything from hair care to restaurants to activities. When you buy one of these deals, you’ll pay for the deal at time of purchase but then you can redeem your deal at any point during the redemption period. Some past deals have included a paintball adventure for two for $42, Jets tickets for $113, One Republic concert tickets for $43 and Harlem Globetrotters tickets for $44.
2. Free Library Passes
The Winnipeg Library offers passes for free admission and discounted admission to library cardholders who are in good standing with the library. The Theater Art Pass allows visitors to check out live theater and movies around the city for free. Passes can be borrowed up to two times a year to allow all library members to enjoy these benefits.
3. Local Business Discounts
Many Winnipeg businesses offer discounts to locals. For example you can rent an inexpensive storage unit (maybe even with family or friends) at Sentinel Self Storage. With two convenient locations around Winnipeg, this is the place to store all that clutter your significant other is always complaining about. Sentinel offers plenty of deals throughout the month and even offers deals for several prepayment options. They give deals to students, seniors and military personnel, so getting rid of your extra furniture has never been easier.
4. Bridge Drive-In
When you want to take a break from some fun in the sun this summer, grab an inexpensive snack at the Bridge Drive-In. These guys serve up creamy cold snacks for super cheap. A small hot chocolate fudge Sunday with nuts will run you under $5 a pop. They also offer shakes, soft serve and ice cream sodas. The line often creeps back toward the street, so plan on waiting—but the wait is SO worth it. This place proves you don’t need to sacrifice quality for a cost-effective snack.
5. Public Pools
The city’s local indoor public pools are a great way to spend a rainy day in the summer or a particularly chilly day in the winter. Though the price of the pools can creep up for a family of four (over $20 for two adults, one child over the age of 12 and one child under the age of 12), the pools offer lower admissions during non-peak times. You can also buy a 10, 20 or 30-day punch card that will save you some cash too. If you buy a month unlimited pass, you can swim to your heart’s content for only $122 for a three-month period for adults, $85 for three months for children over the age of 12 and $54 for three months for children under the age of 12.
6. Gallery Art Walk
If you’re craving some culture, check out a few of the galleries in the area—for free. The Exchange District hosts a First Fridays event every month where gallery owners stay open late and visitors can meander from gallery to gallery, checking out some international and local artists. The best part of the event is that visitors can even take advantage of free wine and free appetizers and cheeses at every gallery. Some galleries host door prizes or give out free keepsakes too. If you’re looking for an inexpensive date night, check out the First Fridays in the Exchange District.
7. Beer Brewing Company Tour
Learn the beer making process with a free tour throughout Half Pints Brewing every Saturday at 1 pm. You’ll get a chance to meet the brewers, smell the mash and find out how all your favorite beers are brewed. At the end of the tour, you might even want to try a few seasonal beers out for yourself and decide whether or not you think the process is a success. You can even read up on the beer brewing process beforehand on their website at halfpintsbrewing.com

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