Kinder Canada – New Barbie and Hot Wheels Eggs!

24 Jan

kinder toys  Kinder Canada has come out with some great new themed eggs – Barbie and Hot Wheels!

My daughter is a girly girl so she was so excited for these! We had to go pick up our parcel at the post office of Shopper’s Drugmart. I knew it was the Kinder Eggs, but didn’t tell her so it would be a surprise. Well, we end up walking through the aisle with the display case and she was begging me to buy her a new Barbie one. It was too funny, knowing full well she would have some in a few minutes – but to see her excitement just at the display was priceless!

The new toys are awesome! In the Hot Wheels ones you get cars that you can decorate yourself – we didn’t actually open many since my daughter’s not that into cars. Giving those out to boy friends and nephews. For her it was all about Barbie – the toys were really cool. Lots of bracelets, and even some Barbie figurines. My kiddo jumped for joy at every single one.

I like that they kept it at 1 in 3 eggs having the themed toy – you still get the regular fun Kinder toys too. I know some people had concerns at putting a gender on the egg….but they didn’t – they put a theme on them. It’s up to your kid, and you as a parent which one you want them to have. I know my kiddo, and she’s Barbie all the way. If she was into cars we would get her the Hot Wheels ones. I really like that they make the choice obvious – the wrappers are tinted a bit so easy to identify them too. I know the boys we know wouldn’t be thrilled with getting a Barbie bracelet – like that I can treat them with a Kinder egg and know they will love the toy they get – either a car, or another cool regular Kinder toy.

What does everyone think of the new look and toys in the Kinder eggs? Does the gender thing bother you?

And head over the Kinder Canada on facebook – enter to win 1 of 40 prize packs of the new eggs!!

Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

8 Replies to “Kinder Canada – New Barbie and Hot Wheels Eggs!

  1. You know I love it Nadine!!!! I love that the 3 packs because each one has a Barbie figure. My only problem that I end up buying 2 – three packs

    • Haha! We love them too – I like stuff that’s collectible and usable, so many of those in these new ones. And the bracelets that snap together were super cool too!

  2. So I’m looking at the pictures and I have a question, is there any identifying colour of the car ones? It seems those ones are just the usual colour? I’m thankful they distinguish the barbie ones, but I have boys, and I would LOVE to pick out specifically the car ones for them. Or am I blind and missing something? 😛

  3. My husband bought the hot wheels one at Costco. We’re going to use them for an awesome Easter egg hunt if they last that long. I might break down and give them to my kid. Both my daughter and son love cars.

    • I’m always just as excited as the kiddo to see what’s inside them – I’m a sucker for surprises 🙂 How long do you think you’ll last?

  4. How fun is that?! My daughter LOVES Kinder Eggs — I have them to thank for potty training success last year, lol. She, too, is a girlie girl so I have a feeling that the Barbie ones will be a hit around here! Looks like we’ll be picking some up next time she deserves a treat. 😉

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