Kids Bowl Free Registration

4 Mar

bowlIf you’re looking for things to do with the kids this summer, make sure to register for Kids Bowl Free.

There are 10 lanes participating for Winnipeg – if you’re in another province there are some all over too!

Check the website and choose a lane and it brings you right to the registration page – you get 2 games per kid per day free, just have to pay for the shoe rental. You have to sign up for the lanes you want to go to, their rules and regulations are listed there.

All I saw for Winnipeg start May 1st – you can also get family passes, sign up for birthday promotions etc. Lots of fun possibilities there.

We love going bowling as a family! Always gets competitive, none of us are very good which makes it even more fun! When an 8 year old is the winner and the parents were trying their hardest it makes for a very memorable day! 🙂

This is a great idea too if you’ll be travelling and looking for some affordable distractions along the way or at your destination!


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