Kids Birthday Party locations in Winnipeg for 2018!

21 Jan

If you’re trying to plan out a fun kids birthday party – look no further!

Here are all the best places in Winnipeg to host your party – lots have great packages and all kinds of different styles, themes etc.  Makes it easy to find one for your budget and your kids wishlist.

And there are options for all age groups too!

Make sure to book far in advance too as places in Winnipeg fill up quickly for birthday parties.

Same with sending out invitations – usually the earlier the better as people’s calendars fill up.




  • Curbside Game Box will bring the video games to you! There are 7 tv’s – surround sound, laser tv’s and perfect for any video game lover! You can do a small party, but can also work for quite a large group. A few packages available too. Great for school events and fundraisers too!
  • The Portal offers birthday packages for Virtual Reality video games. Can be for up to 8 kids.
  • Flying Squirrel offers several different party options – there are some for smaller and larger groups and variations if it’s during the week or the weekend.
  • Across The Board Game Cafe is a fun place for board game loving kids! Contact them to reserve a table and book your party. Their game selection is huge and there’s something for everyone!
  • A Pinch of Creativity offers all kinds of artsy parties – check out their site for more info! Really neat looking ones!
  • U-Puttz offers 3 kinds of parties – mini golf and more.
  • The Beach is a new one – beach, or beach volleyball parties for kids. Kids can play an assortment of sports, there’s palm trees, music and sand. Would be a lot of fun in the middle of winter!
  • Heartland Archery has parties for kids 6 and up. A few different options available.
  • Morden’s Chocolate offers chocolate parties! It’s a minimum of 15 guests. Even have golden ticket invites to print out.
  • Children’s Museum offers several party packages with themes and fun activities.
  • Hide N Seek offers several different party packages from just a few kids to a larger party – food and goody bag options too.
  • Canlan IceSports has 2 kinds of parties – either soccer or skating.  Different packages for each and great pricing.
  • Manitoba Moose have birthday packages – great for hockey fans!
  • Assinboine Zoo has 3 packages – private party room too. For an extra fee you can even book an animal encounter which sounds fun!
  • Sweet Impressions has cookie decorating parties for kids. For ages 5 and up. Minimum 8 kids. Can even do vegan cookies.
  • Cineplex has Popcorn parties if your kids are movie fans! 2 packages available.
  • Aviation Museum hosts parties with a private room and lots to see and do. There are specific times for them so check far in advance.
  • Food Studio offers parties – they can cook either pizza, fresh pasta or sushi. They also make dessert, play games and more!
  • Ryan Price Magic offers 3 kinds of packages – great idea for magic fans!
  • Dartpocalypse is a mobile indoor foam dart battle party – lots of party packages available There’s info on their site on how to book the party.
  • Tinkertown is a hot spot for parties – no need to prebook or anything. It’s first come first served for picnic area.
  • Winnipeg Humane Society offers parties for kids age 6-12. Great for little animal lovers!
  • Prairie Exotics is another good one for animal lovers. A few packages to choose from, and lots of little critters!
  • Kid City offers 3 kinds of party packages – from 8 to 20 kids. Food and goody bags available too.
  • Park Theatre has a pretty cool party option – kids can either bring their own movie or video games or even just have a dance party in the theatre! Kids gets whole theatre to themselves and parents can hang out in the lobby.
  • BrushFire studio has parties for kids 12 and under. It’s 2 hours and minimum is 5 kids.
  • Heights Archery offers parties for kids 7 and up. Check for specific times you can have parties.
  • Vertical Adventures has a 2 hour climbing party – Minimum 6 guests.
  • Goldeyes has a party package for the baseball fans! Minimum of 10 people.
  • YMCA has 2 packages to choose from – one more do it yourself, and the other more structured.
  • Bricks 4 Kidz offers Lego parties for kids. Several themes to choose from.
  • Lazer Runner offers a few packages for lazer tag fans!
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery offers several different themes for parties. It’s for up to 15 kids.
  • River City Bubble Ball offers a few packages – you just need a location to host it.
  • Fun With Composers offers musical parties in french or english and lots of possible themes and packages.
  • Mad Science offers science themed parties with lots of interactive fun! There’s a party package available too.
  • GolfDome offers a mini golf party package with all kinds of possible time slots.
  • Manitoba Museum has several different options. You can theme it and add all kinds of extras.
  • Lasertopia offers 3 party packages – laser tag and more.
  • Gymkyds has 3 packages – from a simpler one to one where everything is included.
  • Thunder Rapids offers parties for go-karts, bumper boats, mini golf and more.
  • Great Big Adventures offers 3 kinds of party packages from 12 to 20 kids. Food, goody bags, extra kids and adults too.
  • Innovative Martial Arts offers parties – and the birthday kid even gets to cut their cake with a samurai sword!
  • Skyzone has a lot of choices for parties – skywars, glow and more.
  • Jackpott’s offers a hassle free party packages – 4 to choose from.
  • Artful Owl offers lots of different art parties. Lots of themes to choose from, minimum of 8 kids.
  • Coronation Bowling offers a few party packages – even downloadable party invites too. Bowling – and then pizza or hot dogs etc.
  • Crockadoodle offers parties with lots of fun themes. Kids can paint themed items and starts at minimum 8 kids.
  • My Gym offers activities, games, puppets and all kinds of fun – 3 packages available.
  • Scrapbookers Anonymous has a few options for parties with different themes and projects.
  • Wheelie’s Roller Rink offers 2 packages. Minimum of 8 kids.
  • Landmark Theatre offer a few packages with a lot of possible add ons.


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  1. Awesome! A sub list for the entertainment companies would be awesome!! We can perform in just about any and all of these venues or in homes and community centres!

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