Keeping costs down during the holidays

14 Dec

It’s a good time to call your cell phone/cable/internet/tv providers and see if there’s any promotions! Good way to reduce some bills quickly, and their deals usually last a few months. I try to phone a few times a year to check, right now there was nothing that applied to us but by switching a few things around we are going to be saving 30$ a month – not bad! ๐Ÿ™‚

Turning the heat low at night, or while you’re out is another one. Closing vents in room you don’t use a lot is another good one.

Keep an eye out for good deals on baking/holiday meal items – this week Safeway has a coupon for 3 dozen eggs for 4$ – just in time for all the baking. Lots of stores have their turkeys on sale this week too.

We buy a lot of our gifts online – take advantage of the free shipping and don’t have to fight the crowds. Or shop at smaller local stores and find more unique gifts, and keep your sanity! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Using group buying sites is another good one, can find pretty much anything on there now, and it’s perfect if you need gifts for someone in another province – no need to ship it!

There’s tonsย of free events this time of year too – we keep getting flyers in our mailbox for all kinds of fun stuff. Last weekend it was for a pancake breakfast with Santa, this week it’s for Skating with Santa on the 18th at the Notre Dame Rec Centre at 271 De La Cathedrale from 2:15-3:15. Anyone else hear of other fun free stuff like that? Could make for a great free santa pic you take yourself, and how cute on skates!

Any stores having any big sales on holiday items, gifts, food etc? What are your ways to cut costs a bit during the holidays?

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  1. A furnace should have no more than 10% of it’s vents closed. It forces the fan to work harder when the air is blocked. Turning down the temp or partially closing a couple is better.

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