Join the Ikea Family – A new Benefits Card

25 Feb

Ikea has a new program – the Family Card. You can sign up in store, they seem to be having some problems online for Winnipeg as I guess it’s pretty new.

So, what do you get with this new card?

Special monthly product offers, extra discounts at the restaurant, free coffee or tea in upstairs restaurant monday to friday, a 90 day return policy and an extra 30 minutes in the play area.

I know Ikea is a very popular spot to visit when it’s so cold outside, kids love to play in the play area or wander around the store (mine has spent hours trying every piece of furniture) so it’s a great idea to sign up for this new card if you’re planning a visit there!

You can check out their site for more info, and to see when there’s more perks added too!

2 Replies to “Join the Ikea Family – A new Benefits Card

    • I think it’s different – the u.s. site says ages 4 to 10…but i know people at ours bring younger kids. They have to be potty trained though

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