Indoor Locations for Winnipeg Winter Fun – Avoid Cabin Fever!! :)

18 Oct

With the cold weather slowly starting to appear in Winnipeg, it’s a great time to think of some fun places to plan to visit this winter!

When the weather gets to be -30 and colder it’s hard to plan outdoor activities with the little ones, and sometimes you just want to be where it’s warm. So when you’re done with skating and outdoor stuff and you’ve had enough of movie and game nights at home, here’s a great list our facebook group came up with to avoid cabin fever! And make sure to check your Show and Save coupons when heading out – or even register on their websites for additional deals and cheaper times. Also there’s often deals for family outings on the deal sites like Groupon and Teambuy etc.

– The YMCA  is a great place to go. We’ve had a membership for the kiddo for years. There’s all kinds of drop in classes, swimming pool, play structure and more. Membership qualifies for that child fitness tax credit too, so it ends up being very affordable option!

– You can register for classes through the Leisure Guide – there are weekly classes for kids and adults, but there’s also special ones that are one time only for families. Usually pretty affordable, and you can learn a new skill.

– The Manitoba Museum has a lot to do and see for the whole family. Check out the Museum, the Science Gallery and Planetarium.

– The Children’s Museum is a great place to spend a few hours on a cold day. Lots to see, kids can run around and usually sleep well after 😉

– There are a lot of indoor play places to check out, Flying Squirrel, Uptown Alley, Kidcity etc.  Always nice to go at off times when it’s not super crowded with multiple birthday parties. A lot of these have special times for younger kids too.

– Always fun to try something new, hit up a pottery place, indoor mini golf, bowling, laser tag etc.

– Swimming is a fun one, just check for public swim times – and there’s coupons on the city site for bogof swims.

– Ikea is usually a big hit with the kids. They can play in the play area if they’re younger – my kiddo likes to walk around and try out every single piece of furniture! It’s a nice indoor walk, and you can’t beat their kids meals deals and timed events for food.

– Going to the movies is always fun, but can be expensive. Make sure to use your Scene points and collect extra offers – also there’s usually good movie gift packs available for the holidays, worth picking one up to save on family movie outings.

– The Winnipeg Railway Museum looks like a fun one to check out – we haven’t been yet so adding it to my list.

– The Assiniboine Zoo is always fun to check out – yes, there’s a lot outdoors but also a lot of indoor stuff to see! 🙂

Western Canada Aviation Museum is a fun place for the whole family, lots to see and learn.

Manitoba Electrical Museum is another fun one – it’s free to get in and there’s a lot of stuff for kids to see and figure out – and see how things used to be.

What are your favourite places to visit on a cold day? Any other great places to add to the list?

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3 Replies to “Indoor Locations for Winnipeg Winter Fun – Avoid Cabin Fever!! :)

  1. There is always kid city and now great big adventure too. Their website is I haven’t been there yet but looks like it would be fun.

  2. If you have school aged children, check with their school!
    Some of them have organized activities during the winter months, like Family Fibre Art Night (All get together at the school, and learn some form of fibre art activity like knitting, looming, crocheting, etc)
    Also some family fun nights in the gym – Usually put on by parent volunteers organized through the the schools PAC.
    If you don’t have one – Maybe this is something you’d like to organize with your child’s school to get out with other families that attend the school, and have a great time!

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