Ikea Winnipeg grand opening events!!

21 Nov

There are a lot of very cool things happening for the Ikea grand opening!

There’s an Ikea vending machine touring around Winnipeg – you can find out it’s location daily on twitter and facebook. You get an Allen key and have the chance to unlock a prize inside! 🙂 sounds fun! Did anyone go check it out yet? And what did you win, or see get won?

On opening day, Nov. 28th you can start lining up at 12:01am – and the first 1000 people in line before 7:30am will get a special gift from Ikea and a chance to win a $5000 gift card!!

There’s also so really great deals on opening day too, like a side table for $7, shelving unit for $30 and an armchair for $40.

Anyone planning to go lineup? What’s your game plan for it?

6 Replies to “Ikea Winnipeg grand opening events!!

  1. The special gift is a $75 gift card! Wish I could be there!
    They’re having a VIP event on this Saturday too; a friend got an invite, invitation only! They can shop at 15% off without the crazy crowds!

  2. I just so happened to have been downtown today at Portage Place and what did I see?!
    The Ikea vending machine. I had just heard about it on Facebook yesterday and then went and signed up to follow on twitter for the updates and then promptly forgot about it.
    I was going downtown for a whole other reason. The Festival of trees and lights, then found out the hard way that it doesn’t start until next week. So went to wander around Portage Place and saw it just as we were getting ready to leave. I was all excited and was going to line up, then saw the looonnnnggggggg line. I didn’t have time to stay around as my parking meter was running out. wahhh I didn’t even have time to check to see if anyone won. Can’t believe it was right there and I had to leave. 🙁 But word has definately got around about it judging by the size of the line up. Hope I can catch up with it again

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