Ikea Midnight Madness #Winnipeg – Updated!

17 Jun

This Friday June 20th Ikea is having their super popular Midnight Madness sale.

Not too many details have been released yet, but it’s a good idea to mark it on the calendar if you’re planning to go! 🙂

There’s going to be a bunch of stuff throughout the entire store at up to 50% off! There’s usually some huge deals, and then quite a few good ones. I know for previous ones the crazy hot deals have gone really fast – with people going early to put them in their carts because of limited supply. The sale is from 6pm to midnight, and there’s often timed events too.

If you’re needing a lot from Ikea it’s a great idea to check it out – and I’ll update as it comes closer and they release more info. I called our local store and all they would tell me is that it would be mostly summer type of products and that there’s no flyer being sent out for this one.

Has anyone driven by and seen if the big sign outside has some of the deals up yet?

**** Ikea has finally added the Winnipeg deals to their site – you can check out the full list here. There are no timed items posted – and if you compare it to the other cities our selection isn’t very big so hopefully there’s a lot more at the store during the sale.

There’s a lot of stuff from the Trendig line – and a lot of it is 50% off or more.

Really wish we had the big sale on the as is boxes – I think that would do really well in Winnipeg. What was everyone looking for, and is it there? Good luck and have fun with it tonight if you head out!

Another update – they’ve now added a flyer with a lot more stuff!


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