Ikea Click and Collect orders

28 Dec

If you’ve been trying to order click and collect from Ikea and having a hard time, you are definitely not the only one!

Depending on what time of the day you try to place the order, you will most likely get error messages saying that it’s not available in your area etc.

Their system resets at midnight, so county items that you want and leave them in your cart. You can either wait up until midnight, or try very early the next morning. I found that it resets exactly at midnight. And the order that would not go through 2 minutes ago now goes through seamlessly.

You get to choose a time for a pickup, mine was about 24 hours later. But the items were actually ready 15 hours after I ordered, got the confirmation email and went to pick it up.

Pickup is easy, you park in one of the designated spots and you text them that you’re there with your item number and what stall you’re in. They will bring out your order and check the email to confirm it’s you. We waited just a few minutes, seemed to go very smoothly for everyone else that was there also.

I would suggest avoiding getting it delivered right now if you can do click and collect, or unless you really don’t mind waiting a long time to get it as their delivery is very delayed.

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