How to save money at the movies!

26 Oct

20151026-DSC_0029Going to the movies can be super expensive, especially as a family. There are so many great ways to save money at the movies, here are some of my favourites:

– Make sure to sign up for a Scene card. It’s easy and free and there’s tons of rewards. You get 10% off concessions, you earn points on tickets and concessions and can redeem the points for free movies! You can earn points at the theatres, but also at a bunch of restaurants too! And make sure to download the app – before the movie starts there’s often a game on the screen where you can earn extra Scene points. They add up really quickly if you pay attention to special promotions.

– Keep an eye out for special days and events – I post these up. Things like community days, and their cheap Saturday morning movies. They often play older movies at a discount too which is fun. The Classic Film Series has some really neat older films, and admission is only $6!

– Look for promotions for buying gift cards and movies on the Cineplex site. They have a lot of these around xmas time – things like buy a $40 giftcard and get a ton of bonus coupons. That one is great because you can stretch those savings out over a long time if you get a few, they make a good family xmas gift too. They often have promotions too where you buy a movie online and get a free movie ticket.

– Pick up movie passes at Costco! The Cineplex kids one is $10.79 and it includes admission and a snack pack for kids – drink, popcorn and a treat. The adult one is $26.99 and that includes 2 movie passes, 2 drinks and a popcorn.

– Make sure to follow the theatres you go to on Twitter and Facebook – they announce all kinds of special promotions and deals there.

– Go to the movies on Tuesdays! Regular admission at Cineplex is $10.50 for adults and $8.50 for kids, but on Tuesdays it’s only $5.99 for everyone!

For us a little bit of preplanning goes a long way – I pick up passes at Costco and try to combine it with other deals they have running at the time. And going to special events and screenings that are discounted is great too!

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  1. Also, keep an eye on the cereal aisle. General Mills often has cereal boxes with buy one get one free coupons on them. One of those and my scene points and my son and I saw Star Wars in IMAX 3-D for only $3.

  2. Cineplex at St Vital frequently runs Sensory Friendly movies for kiddos ( and older) who may have a sensory disorder or autism.

    Autism Society Manitoba is typically there on those mornings to hand out gift cards to attend the 10:30 Sensory Friendly Movie. Makes the movie almost free for a family of 4!

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