How to get Canadian coupons!

16 Oct

If you have a few minutes to spare, it’s worth checking out all these sites and ordering coupons – you’ll get a bunch of them in the mail all around the same time. Good time to stock your binder and get ready for some big holiday sales.

Also a good idea to email any companies you really like and just ask for coupons, even following them on facebook and twitter can pay off since they often release coupons just for those sites. has a lot of good coupons – some to print and some they will mail right to you.

Brandsaver has up to $124 in coupons you can order from P&G.

Websaver has a bunch too. Also Gocoupons – there are many sites to order from and it just takes a few minutes.

A good idea too is to trade with friends or family, order extras for them and maybe they’ll do the same for you! When there’s coupon inserts in the flyers ask around, a lot of people won’t use them at all and there can be great coupons in there!

Another great place for coupons is right at the store! Look for tearpads and also when they’re handing out free samples – a lot of packaging has coupons (especially cereal and granola bars) so keep an eye out for that.

I also do coupon giveaways pretty often, and you can even join our coupon chain to get a huge variety all at once.

What are your best sites or tips for finding coupons? It’s always an ongoing process, but can really pay off on your grocery bill!


And make sure to read more tips and coupon ideas on my Winnipeg Mom Blog!



3 Replies to “How to get Canadian coupons!

  1. I was wondering if I could use the coupons found in these websites at any store in Winnipeg (i.e. Superstore, Walmart, shoppers, Costco etc…) or only at specific stores

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