How much do you save using coupons?

16 Apr

When I first started to use coupons, 3-4 years ago my savings were huge. Was buying diapers and other expensive things more often and starting from scratch. Now I notice my coupon usage at the grocery store has really declined….why?

Well, after couponing for a while you usually get pretty well stocked up on certain products. I stock up on what we use if I see it on clearance, and also on 20x days at Shopper’s Drugmart. My husband ran into Shopper’s  a while ago and just happened to notice Live Clean Shampoos etc. in the clearance section of our local store – he bought 4 shampoos, which will last a loooong time for my daughter – so that’s off the list. Doesn’t take too many finds like that to really lower your bills after a while. I stock up a lot of things like shampoo, razors, laundry soap, dish soap, etc. – things that won’t go bad and don’t take up too much space.

Also started buying most of our meat at butcher shops, and trying to do it in one big shop. Same thing with bread, most of it comes from Mcgavins now and there’s often coupons or deal sites ones for there too – hugely reduces my bill at Safeway or Sobey’s. Some weeks all I buy is dairy and produce.

I still use coupons during my regular shop, but instead of it being 40-50$ a week, it’s more around 10-20$ a week now. But, we do use coupons on a lot of other things….like oil changes, outings (bogof blizzard this weekend) – and we use a lot of deal buying site coupons too (lindt chocolate teambuy this weekend too).

What stage have you reached using your coupons? Do you find your shopping bill has reduced a lot? Do you keep a stockpile? What other kinds of coupons have you started to use? And what are your tips or advice to those just starting out?

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  1. I’ve found most of the coupons that are easy to come across are for processed foods… something I try to avoid. Or for cosmetics and other personal care products with a lot of chemicals which I also don’t really use. Same goes for cleaners, I make my own. So I don’t really actually make use of many coupons. Or am I completely missing something?? Thoughts please!!

    • I use coupons for cheese, yogourt, canned or frozen fuit and veg….I don’t buy any cleaners or cosmetics either but there’s still a lot of coupons out there for other stuff. Try using the email direct coupons from Safeway – for a huge variety of foods.
      I’m finding the same thing about the cleaners etc. lately, most coupon inserts are full of those types… just have to keep an eye out for the good ones! 🙂

  2. we moved last year, and for about eight months before the move, I really wasn’t stockpiling. I was trying to use up what we had to make more room in the basement for house showings. I also didn’t want to have a whole pile of stuff to move. Did I ever notice the difference when we moved into the new house! Within two weeks of moving in, I actually had to buy laundry detergent when I needed it, and I had to pay more than $5 a bottle! Deodorant, hair gel, pasta, pasta sauce. Had to buy it at a regular-type sale price. I actually started to feel really stressed! It took several months to get stocked up on toiletries/laundry soap/toilet paper/pasta/diapers/wipes with sales and coupons to a point that I felt comfortable. I don’t maintain a huge stockpile like some people do, but I was surprised by how insecure I felt having so little left! It certainly reminded me that there are sale cycles, and that a person needs to stock up enough to weather the full-price part of the cycle!

    • For diapers it’s good to set up a little network of coupon savers – ask friends or family to save the next insert with diaper coupons in it! 🙂 Diapers at shopper’s drugmart on 20x days are the way to go too!

  3. I’ve noticed that my coupon use has declined since i started. I now have my stock that is manageable and i have stock till the next good sale. Some weeks all i’m buying is bread, luncheon meat, milk and fruit and veggies. Feels good not buying toilet paper at $10/ package. I have seen a huge reduction in my shoppping expenses but still use those coupons.

  4. I agree with Nicole! I still buy regular grocery items from week to week but having a stockpile of items such a toilet paper, paper towel, laundry soap and non-perishables is really nice so you can afford to wait until the next great sale and not pay full price. I can’t believe I used to think $7.99 was a good deal for toilet paper LOL

  5. I used one this month – I have been price matching. My view on food has changed a lot over the last few years i have always believed in less processed and more whole food but I won’t buy conventional meat again with the “pink slim” artical i urge you to check it out. The more I study what I’m eating and what I’m using my view point has really changed. What I think is in my stuff and what actually is two different things.

    • ‘Pink slime’ is not allowed in Canada and many other countries, and can not be in imported meat products. Look up ‘pink slime’ on wikipedia for detailed information. News reports are not always accurate but headline-worthy.

  6. We aim to be all natural with food and chemical free at home. Still using coupons on razors and batteries. Paper goods and diapers as well but use the vib coupons from shoppers on 20x pts days etc which really adds up. Am getting $100.00 in free groceries every 2 months with the Optimum pts. The Healthy coupons are great too especially now that RCSS and Walmart are carrying more and more of these brands.

  7. I on average save 45 to 49% each shopping. The only things I purchase with out a coupon are Fruits and Veggies, Meat and some Dairy. My stock pile of food I try to maintain is a 6 month supply this included freezer product and shelve. I shop once a week for fresh fruit and veggies and pich up any items on sale that week that I will use. I do not purchase just because it is on sale. It is a waist of money if it just sits on my shelf taking up money and space I could of used on something we actually use. I did the stupid impulse buys when I started couponing and some of the stuff is still sitting on the shelf. Left it there as a reminder not to be stupid again. lol

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