Homemade Microwave Popcorn for pennies!

9 Jun

popcorn  If you like popcorn but you’re tired of regular microwaved popcorn or having to use an air popper or on the stove popper – this is the easiest way to make popcorn. It really couldn’t get any cheaper either!

So many people have stopped eating microwave popcorn either due to the chemicals, the smell, that weird fake butter aftertaste etc.

This works well too if you just want a little bit of popcorn, or a lot – the choice is up to you.

All you need is a paper bag – Dollarama sells them 40 for $1.25. You can probably even find them cheaper, or in bigger amounts too.

And popcorn kernels – any kind will work. You can buy them in bulk, at the specialty store if you like different kinds…whatever you prefer.

I’ve seen online a lot of people saying you can make it this way – and I never really believed it. Also, a lot of them say you need to add oil – I tested it both ways, and you definitely don’t need the oil. It makes the bag soggy and adds no flavour whatsoever.

IMG_20150609_121800 For a small serving use about 1/4 cup, for a larger serving 1/2 cup will do.

Pour the kernels in the bag, fold the bag over twice – doesn’t have to be tight, just closed.

Pop it in the microwave and listen – once the popping slows down it’s done. That’s it.

No stinky mess, nothing to clean or put away – popcorn ready to eat right out of the bag.

You can add in melted butter, or put in some spices if you want and shake the bag up.

Sometimes things really are this easy – this is great for snacks as you can make just the amount you want. If you have kids, they can customize their own bags after with whatever flavour they like.

This is a huge money saver if you’ve been using regular microwave popcorn as this is really just  pennies to make. And a big time saver if you’ve been pulling out the popcorn maker anytime anyone wants some. Quick, easy, healthy and cheap – doesn’t get better than that!


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  1. I saw this awhile ago on Chopped! Lol the chefs had to use popcorn and they did exactly what u did. Cooked it in a osperbag in the micro

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