Holiday Gift Card Bonuses 2014

19 Nov

This is a great time of the year to pick up some gift cards. Perfect for gifts of course, but also smart to get some for businesses you know you’ll be going to anyway. Might as well get an extra little treat too!

– Promenade Cafe has a deal, for every $100 you spend in gift certificates you get $20 bonus for yourself. The bonus ones can be redeemed from Jan. 2nd to April 1st. 2015.

– Montana’s has a deal, for every $50 card you buy, you get a $10 card for yourself. You can see all the fine print on their site for it.

– Subway’s deal is if you load a card with $25 or more you get a free 6 inch sub.

– Cineplex has an awesome deal. This is one really worth getting if you plan on going to the movies at all. Buy a $40 gift card and get a $40 bundle!! You get a free regular popcorn, free ticket upgrade, bogof admission, free digital rental, scene points and more!

– has a deal too. Buy a movie for $20 or more and get a free movie ticket.

– Boston Pizza’s deal is buy a $50 giftcard and get $10 off for yourself to use in January.

These are the deals that are already available and there should be many more in the coming month so make sure to check back for more! Most of these are available online so it’s super easy. And great idea to pick some up if you’re going out for dinner anyway – get some extra perks!

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  1. Still have Christmas shopping to do?
    Pasquales Restaurant – buy a $30 gift card and get $10 free or buy a $50 gift card and get $20 free.
    Old Spaghetti Factory – buy $25 gift card and get a bonus $10 gift card to be used between Jan-Mar.
    Red Lobster – buy a $25 and get a bonus $5 gift card to be spend Jan-Feb

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