Headed to the Red River Ex? Here are my top tips to save money while you’re there!

29 May

Going to Red River Ex can be a really fun outing – great for everyone in the family. There’s so many different things to see, do and of course all the rides and food – but it can add up really quickly!

The Red River Ex will be on from June 15th to the 24th.

The first and biggest way to save money is if you’re planning on going on the rides, buy your passes now! You can buy them at Giant Tiger, Safeway, Sobeys, Mac’s, Peavey Mart or redriverex.com and the discounts are huge for buying early.

Another way to save is to look for special promotions – and there are quite a few!

On Sunday June 17th, there’s free admission (with donation to red river ex foundation) from 10:30am to 11:30am only. There’s also a free pancake and sausage breakfast during that hour – while supplies last.

Monday June 18th is Heroes Day! Free gate admission for police, paramedics, military, firefighters with ID.

Wednesday June 20th is Seniors Day – gate admission is $10 for Seniors over 60 with ID. Seniors will also get one free ride on the Merry Go Round and the Giant Ferris Wheel. Free coffee and donuts, beginning at 3 pm, while supplies last.

On Sunday June 24th it’s Family Day – free admission (with donation to red river ex foundation from 10:30am to 11:30 am only. There’s a free pancake and sausage breakfast during that hour too – while supplies last. Kids under 10 can buy wristband at the park to ride all the want that day for just $15 – good for kiddieland rides only.

Something else to remember is that once you’ve paid your admission, there are tons of neat things to check out for free in there! Shows and demonstrations every half hour – this year there’s a shark encounter, sand sculptures, canine stars and so much more! I find you can fill an entire day with those, even if you don’t go on rides. Lots to see, do and learn.

And remember you can bring in your own food and drink – which especially if you’re going as a family can really add up. Bring in a picnic, snacks, even just your own drinks – really saves you $$$. And of course there’s all kinds of great food trucks and concessions to try out too – I find if you can save a little bit on the basics, makes it more fun to treat yourself a bit on those 🙂

One huge money saver we always found when our daughter was young was toys and souvenirs – if you play the kids games a lot of them are guaranteed winners, and the kids feel like they earned them! It makes for a cute memory and a fun souvenir, a lot more than buying one. Our daughter must have thought she was really strong, winning so many prizes with the giant hammer game 😉

Remember to bring what you’ll need to make it a fun day – comfy shoes, maybe a change of clothing for little ones, sunscreen, bug spray, ponchos or rain coats if they’re calling for rain – once you’ve paid to get in, you really want to get your money’s worth.





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