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15 Jan

I have been using the CheckOut51.com App for the past two weeks now – and I just love it! Sorry, I don’t usually gush this much, but I am fascinated by this App and how it works.

 In week one, which was my usual grocery-shopping day for the month, I purchased just a few of their ‘sale’ items, and saved $4.50 to my Checkout51 rebate account. There were 12 items available (January 3-9, 2013) with a total savings of $11.00 for buying all 12. This past Thursday when Checkout51 loaded this week’s products, I picked only four items to purchase, and saved $2.50. Had I purchased all 11 items I could’ve saved $13.50.

 In looking at the App tonight I see that 4 of their offers are already sold out for the McCain Fries, Unico Canned Tomatoes, Campbell’s Ready to Use Broth, and Quaker Instant Oatmeal. – all four of the items that I elected to buy last Thursday. So word to the wise – buy early! AND if you’re lucky enough to have TWO iPhones in your household (or more) you can set up an account for each one by downloading this free App*.

 In preparing for the CTV Morning Live interview last week, I had emailed Checkout51 and asked them for a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet. I was blown away to be contacted on my cell phone by the founder of Checkout51, Noah Godfrey, who resides in Toronto. We had a great chat, and I found out the following details about this App for you as Noah was very eager to share his success story with me.

 What is Checkout 51?

 Checkout 51 is a new Canadian mobile App that is reinventing couponing by allowing shoppers to get cash back simply by taking photos of their receipts. Checkout 51 works at any grocery store in Canada, and the credit for select items automatically gets added to the shopper’s account. 

 How does Checkout 51 work?

 Each week, the Checkout 51 mobile App updates with a new list of offers on grocery store products (e.g. $1 cash back on Lay’s potato chips). Members can purchase products from the list at any store in Canada, and use the App to take a photo of the receipt. Checkout 51 then confirms the purchase and credits the member’s account. When a member’s account reaches $20, Checkout 51 sends them a cheque. 

Here’s a little infographic on how it works

Here’s our FAQ

And here are this week’s offers 

What kind of reaction have you had so far?

 The response from shoppers has been overwhelmingly positive. The Checkout 51 App launched on Dec 10th, and soon became the #1 FREE lifestyle App in the Apple App Store. We’ve had more than 35,000 downloads in the first few weeks and members have already saved tens of thousands of dollars.

 Here are a few facts I learned about Checkout 51 …

> *Available for download in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Android is in development right now.

> The largest cheque that Checkout51 has mailed out to date was for $140.00 to someone who has been participating in the App’s beta-testing since last Summer.

> There is no need to place your Checkout51 items on a separate receipt as their technology can find them even on a very long grocery bill.

 I hope that you get to try this App for yourself because I find the company to be very well run. And if you’re not much of a coupon-er, like I have been all my life, then you will love the ease-of-use of this App. I really cannot express how impressed I am with this program. I plan to save up all my rebate money until Summer 2013, and take it on my 10th wedding anniversary trip. I hope to have enough to pay for a nice dinner. What will you use your Rebate Cheque for?

 When I brought all my groceries home, I was inspired to create a few new recipes for my www.LunchFor1.com food blog posts. Please visit my personal blog to see all the great things I’ve made recently with my Checkout51 items.

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  1. My phone is showing that only the Tomatoes and Cookies are sold out?!? My fries is claimed however, but Broth status is regular and oatmeal is “not many left!”. The article above says they all show sold out… Do they add more offers? Is anyone else showing the offers are still available?

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