Halloween stuff around the city!

25 Oct

It’s always fun to see when people have decorated really well for Halloween – any really cool houses you’ve seen? We saw a neat one driving down Fermor, it’s in the Niakwa park area, will have to go check it out. Any haunted houses or anything like that around the city?

How is Boo at the Zoo this year? What other fun Halloween outings are there? And where is the best place to get Halloween candy?

Also, what time does everyone’s kids start trick or treating?

4 Replies to “Halloween stuff around the city!

  1. Has anyone ever been to the Safe Trick or Treating at the malls? How does it work? We live in an apartment so I don’t know about trick or treating here.

  2. I noticed an extremely scary set up at a home on Kingston Row, on the “one way” part. Turn right off st Mary’s ave onto kingston row, it’s going West, towards the Osborne bridge. There’s witches and lots of “figures” in the yard! Good Job to whoever set that one up!

  3. If you are looking for a scary haunted house set up check out the 900 block on Campbell St. My sister does her yard up right and the people across the street set up a whole haunted house to go through with people dressed up and jumping out at you. Lots of fun.

    I also saw that Black’s at the mall will do a free 6 x 8 pick of your child.

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