Grysiuk Queen Bee Honey

30 Sep

We went to Teulon for Culture Days – it was fun, great pancake breakfast with the fluffiest cakes ever! Saw some huge pumpkins and they also had a farmer’s market.

 I met Alison, from Grysiuk Queen Bee Honey. All those jars you see are flavoured honeys – there are really that many! First thing I thought of was what a great lunch idea since can’t bring peanut butter to school! My daughter chose a lemon honey and a maple one and they’re both super delicious! She also had raspberry, chocolate and on and on. Her prices were super reasonable too, I think it was maybe $5 a jar (probably should have remembered that detail!) and they’re all from peanut free environment so totally safe for school.

We are big fans of honey at our house, for sandwiches, in tea when someone has a cold or even by the spoonful for a cough – I even melt it and use it as a dip for when we make beignets (french breakfast doughnuts) and these honeys will be amazing for that.

You can even do school fundraisers or have them as wedding favors! I think this would be an amazing fundraiser, since flavoured honey would be a pretty cool gift!

If you’re interested in honey for yourself, or for a fundraiser you can contact Alison at 204-831-7838 or by email at [email protected]

And if you’re a Manitoban company and want a shout out, feel free to contact me! Love local products!

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15 Replies to “Grysiuk Queen Bee Honey

  1. Her flavoured honey is my favorite!!! I love the cinnamon honey on peanut butter toast and I love the lemon honey in my tea. My husband loves the pumpkin spice one and my son can’t live without the cherry one. She also has THE best creamed honey you will ever taste!! Two thumbs up!!!!!!!

  2. Nadine, I am so happy you made the trip out to Teulon! I am one of the organizers and it’s wonderful to see new families attend our event!
    I LOVE Alison’s honey!!!! Our school did Gryiuk Queen Bee Honey as a fundraiser and the kids sold more honey then they did of the Peak of the Market veggies….the honey is that good! She gives a great percentage to the organization. It’s wonderful to support a local made product and support a local family in the process…’s a win-win!

    • It was a lot of fun, and such a cute town. Super friendly people, we couldn’t find the hall so had to stop and ask someone in town. So, what is the secret to the super fluffy pancakes?
      I think the honey fundraiser is genius – that is amazing that you guys sold so much, but totally believable with how good it is, and always nice to do something different.
      Next year I want to go to even more events for culture days, it’s fun to get out to new places.

  3. Just found this post as I googled for this honey! I tried this product for the first time last Christmas. Alison had a kiosk at St. Vital Mall. Yummy! I bought several jars as gifts. I looked for her this year but didn’t see her 🙁 I’d like to buy more honey. I may have to email and find out where she is. Anyone know?

  4. I heard back from her. No word on whether she has a kiosk anywhere but she apparently delivers. We’re trying to make our schedules work! In her initial email she said: “we have the following flavors available: blueberry, cinnamon, chocolate, cherry, cranberry, lemon, maple, raspberry, strawberry & saskatoon. All flavors are $5.00 each (no tax) and we have liquid & creamed 1KG for $7.00.”

    I was interested in pumpkin spice flavor, which she didn’t have in stock, but she said she might be able to make that up by end of this week.

  5. I just met with Alison to get my order of honey! She doesn’t have a kiosk this year – it didn’t work out for various reasons. She’s hoping to get into Polo Park next year. So for now, she’s just working from home, continuing to take orders and making the deliveries. I bought my honey as Christmas gifts. So anyone who would like to order can simply email her at acgrysiuk @ She also does the Wedding Show too.

  6. There might be a place for Allison to try a kiosk in grant park mall
    It is a small mall but she might be able to make a go of cadillac fairview are the
    Owners and I do not know how much a kiosk is but it worth a try

  7. We love your honey and have recently tried the lemon honey. We are from Kenora but go to Wpg quite often to see our daughter. Can you tell us where we can buy your honey in Wpg? Maybe there is an organization here in Kenora that is doing a fundraiser we could contact?

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