Grocery flyer deals of the week

5 Jan

Superstore has spend 200$ get a 25$ unilever value pack for him or her – stuff like doe shampoo, axe products etc.

Safeway has spend 100$ get 100 airmiles from jan 6-8th. They are also having spin and win contest with lots of participating products including nature valley granola bars that are 2$ each – look for the oasis juice coupons on those. Congagra airmiles event is buy 5 get 30 airmiles – includes vh sauces, hunt’s spag. sauce, chef boyardee etc. There’s also a home care airmiles event, lots of bonus ones on cleaning stuff. Brandsaver products are also all on sale.

Sobey’s is having a Chinese New Year event – lots of stuff on sale for that. Also they are having dollar days – 4 packs of astro zero, chef boyardee, kd, primo tomatoes and tons of fruit and veg on for 1$. I love shopping during dollar days – for all the people who complain it’s hard to find healthy food cheap go this week and see! 🙂 I always stock up on tons of fruit and veg this week, apples, oranges, pears etc. last a long time in the fridge.

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  1. I agree with the healthy food you might not find as many coupons for these things but waiting for sales and stocking up is the way to go.

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