Grocery Flyer deals for #Winnipeg

13 Feb

Sobeys has some weekend only deals – ribs are $2 lb, and 18 pack eggs and 12 grain bread are $3.

Rest of the week they have Lean Cuisine for $2, lots of deals on fruit and veg.  Sidekicks are $1, Dr. Oetker pizzas are $4.

Meal Deal of the week is buy a whole rotisserie chicken or maple cured ham or pork ribs plus a reser’s side dish and receive a free

8 inch bakery pie.

Safeway has weekend only deals too – scope mouthwash are 2 for $5, mini croissants are $5 and more.

Rest of the week they have a buy one get one free event – can really work out to some great deals, especially if you have coupons for the items. Bogof on astro yogourt, kellogg’s cereals, kraft dinner, Herbal Essences and much much more. It’s a good time to stock up when you find a great bogof deal.

Campbell’s airmiles event – buy 6 get 50 airmiles. Includes goldfish 3 for $9, campbell’s creations soup 4 for $10 and more.



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