Grocery flyer deals

23 Nov

Safeway has their 3 day deals (friday to sunday) : blueberries are 2 for $5, ristonate pizza are 3 for $10, kellogg’s jumbo cereal are $4.49 (remember to look for boxes with coupons) bacon is 2 for $5,, ribs are $5, steaks are $3 each, breadsticks 2 for $5, mini croissants are $5, hummus 2 for $5 and crest toothpaste 5 for $5 – last time they had the toothpaste deal it included the kids ones too.

Rest of the week they have bogof on a lot of stuff, purex, skippy peanut butter, kellogg’s cereal etc.  If you’re stocking up on snack food for the Grey Cup there’s an Old Dutch airmiles deal – buy 6 get 40 airmiles, chips are 4 for $10 and dips and salsa are 2 for $6.

Sobey’s has their weekend deals – strawberries are 2.44, ribs are 1.99 lb, and sugar is 2.99 for a 4kg bag.

Rest of the week they have dollar days – sidekicks and yop have several coupons out. Lots of great deals on produce, and worth taking a lot to see what you have coupons for that’s on for $1 and stock up! 🙂

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