Grocery Flyer deals

8 Nov

Safeway has their 3 day sales again this week from fri. to sat – bread is 4 for $5, 2L milk are 2 for $4! (yay!) – mini babybel cheese are $3.49, blackberries are 3 for $5.

Rest of the week they have a lot of extra airmiles on all kind of products – also several big events. Pepsico event is buy 6 get 40 airmiles, like granola bars 5 for $10, doritos for $3, oatmeal 2 for $7 and quaker cereal 3 for $12. Also a ConAgra event, buy 5 get 30 airmiles, chef boyardee 4 for $5, popcorn 2 for $8, puddings 4 for $6, spaghetti sauce 2 for $4.  Great way to stock up on airmiles!

Sobey’s is having a lot of bogof – hotdogs, mushrooms, ice cream, lots of fruit, veg, meats etc.  Great idea to do a walkthrough of the store with your coupon binder – always  good idea to stock up on bogof’s that you have coupons for 🙂


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