Grocery flyer deals

1 May

Tuesday is going to be 10% off at Safeway and Sobeys.

Safeway has some great weekend only deals – 4 Litre milk is $1.50 off with instore coupon, Kraft cheese slices are 2 for $6, Listerine is $5 and 6 stem rose bouquet are $5.

Lots of bogof deals this week too, cases of campbells soup, breyers ice cream, Arm & Hammer laundry soap, and lots of other deals. Best deal of the week is Barilla sale buy one get one free – there are 50 cent off coupons out for that! Great time to stock up on pasta.

Sobeys has a mega points event – lots of extra point items throughout the store.

They have Minute maid juice and Kraft Dinner for 99 cents – buy 4 get 100 points. The Tastes of the World bonus ticket item of the week is Maple Leaf Natural Selections sandwich meat for $3.99. Eggos are $2.49 and there are 50 cents off coupons out for those. Keep an eye out at your local Sobeys for clearance item – we’ve been finding a lot at our store lately.


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