Grocery flyer deals

27 Mar

This Tuesday April 2nd will be 10% off day at Safeway and Sobey’s.

Safeway has some saturday only deals – sugar is $9 for 10kg, butter on sale 2 for $5, pineapple for $2, tampax are buy one get one free.

Lots of buy one get one free deals  – juice, pop, foil, hot sauce etc. 

And turkey on saturday for 99 cents per lb when you spend $50. Always good to have an extra turkey in the freezer!

Sobey’s has turkey for 99 cents a lb too on saturday – and you have to spend $50 too. 1 litre pop are 59 cents, blackberries are $2, cucumbers for 95 cents, canned tomatoes are $1, bacon for $3.

This week the days to shop will be either Saturday or Tuesday for sure – depends if you want the 10% off, or the saturday only deals.

4 Replies to “Grocery flyer deals

  1. Thr Safeway deals are on right now. I think they run on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday because of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. That 10kg bag of sugar was sure heavy. 😉

    • That’s weird – the flyer kept repeating Sat only….maybe just one location doing it – who knows? Usually it’s all weekend, and most stores probably ordered a 3 day stock of all the items so makes sense. Better not run out by Sat., the actual day.

  2. There are two different sets of deals. There are Saturday only ones and their regular 3 day deals which started early because of the holiday. Confused yet? LOL

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