Got my laptop back!!! :)

13 Jul

Can tell I’m still getting used to it again, by the accidental post of the word go which subscribers probably got.
I’ve been hooked on Til Debt Do Us Part lately – and bringing my laptop the shop really made me think of all I’ve learned from the show. It was debatable if it was fixable, might take 2-3 weeks to fix….was debating getting a new one or fixing this one. I had just made up a family budget and did specific saving categories, one being blog/computer stuff. Things like ink, computer repairs, stamps etc. It really made me think twice about jumping in and buying a new laptop – it would be nice, but would be even sweeter waiting til I had saved the exact amount in that exact category. I went for the fix,only took 5 days and 150$.
Do you guys watch that show? Any lessons learned? Do you keep a formal budget? Does anyone actually live on the jar system? I tried writing down all we buy….I lasted a few days!! Horrible! ;) I love the tips like how housing should be 35% of your income, debt repayment 10% etc – the one thing I really took from the show is the savings categories. I made a list of things we save for (seperate from long term savings and emergencies) and calculated specific monthly amounts for each category – guilt and stress reducer for sure.
What are your opinions on budgeting,saving etc.?

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