Giveaway Weekend

5 Sep

Next weekend, September 10th and 11th it’s giveaway weekend again in Winnipeg. Make sure you label items as FREE and to put away anything that might be mistakenly (or not) taken away too. Stuff can stay out from dawn to dusk but must be put away each night.

Did anyone participate last time? We weren’t planning too and saw all the people driving up and down our street and how quickly the neighbours stuff was going. Motivated us to clean up the basement and garage a bit – there’s always things that need to go. I was really surprised at how fast it all went! 🙂 Maybe some good motivation to go through all the games and toys this week too, they add up so quickly.

3 Replies to “Giveaway Weekend

  1. I’ve never heard that it has to be put away each night? I think most people leave it out over night, especially if they have big things? I’ll put out a few small things, and a desk which I’ve taken apart to lug out.

    • They’ve always had it in the rules – probably helps with vandalism, fire risks etc. Plus, if it rains it could get gross with cardboard boxes everywhere…even just with the dew. I’ve noticed that most people do follow that rule….then there’s always the people who don’t follow any rules, we saw a lot of mattresses and boxsprings the last time.

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